Readers were drawn to a discussion of the pros and cons of switching from plastic to paper packaging last month. Other hot topics included AI-facilitated data collection, EPR policy development, and the latest market prices for recyclables.

The list below shows our top stories published in April  in terms of unique page views.

1 | Plastic-to-paper switch brings complications, panelists say

Paper is on the march against plastic, taking its place in several forms of protective packaging, food wrappers, beverage containers and bread bag clips as manufacturers pivot to a more commonly recycled, and seemingly more sustainable, material. 

2 | Robotics firm estimates tons lost at the MRF level

Of the aluminum cans, PET, HDPE and PP that reach a MRF, 27% ends up still going to disposal, according to a recent report from Robotics supplier EverestLabs.

3 | Ten EPR bills introduced in 2024 so far

Extended producer responsibility for paper and packaging is once again a hot topic in statehouses across the country.

4 | Circular Action Alliance submits EPR plan in Oregon

The shape of Oregon’s extended producer responsibility for packaging plan is becoming clearer after the Circular Action Alliance released its initial program plan to the state. 

5 | Values rise for curbside plastics, paper holds steady

Prices for post-consumer PET, HDPE and PP climbed higher in April, while mixed paper and OCC remained stable. Most curbside material grades are trading for prices they haven’t reached since at least last summer.