U.K.-based Nulife Glass has opened its first North American facility in New York State to tackle CRT processing and recycling.

The Nulife location, 40 miles south of Buffalo in Dunkirk, separates panel and funnel glass, and uses a proprietary high-temperature furnace system to extract the lead found in CRT glass. The company then sells that material to battery manufacturers, and with the lead removed, the glass itself can also be sent to downstream processors.

Nulife’s New York facility is similar to one the company built last year for British electronics recycling company SWEEEP Kuusakoski. According to a press release from Nulife, the New York plant will handle up to 200 million pounds of CRT glass annually. The company also says it has plans to open more CRT processing facilities across the United States as well as in Asia, Europe and New Zealand.

“Now there is no need to landfill CRT glass,” Simon Greer, Nulife’s owner, stated in the release, “and we will open strategic sites to minimize on waste haulage which in some cases is currently being shipped half way around the world.”