Can Michigan transform commercial waste to tissue?

Can Michigan plan transform commercial waste to tissue?

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

May 29, 2014

Michigan has floated out a nine-figure bond deal to a Wisconsin-based company willing to take on Detroit's commercial waste.

On the heels of a new plan to double the state's current recycling rate of 14.5 percent by 2017, the state has href="$350-million-in-new-investments-will-bring--881-job-opportunities-across-state/">offered $125 million in tax-exempt bond financing to a Wisconsin-based recycled products manufacturer to set up shop in Michigan. The possible deal was detailed in a press release from the office of Michigan's governor, Rick Snyder.

With sites planned in Detroit and Cheboygan, the relatively under-the-radar Green Box NA plans to process commercial waste in Detroit before sending it to Cheboygan for final processing.

"The Cheboygan facility’s operation will include production of bath, facial, napkin and towel tissue products, as well as biofuels, fuel pellets and soil enhancements," the press release states.

The project's total cost is expected to reach $200 million and could create up to 331 jobs.

The governor's office did not return a request for comment on the project.

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