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Patent watch

May 22, 2014

Patent No. 8,702,367 was given to Detroit, Michigan's Edw. C. Levy Co. for a process for preparing a recyclable material.

The Xerox Corporation, from Norwalk, Connecticut, was awarded Patent No. 8,711,401, which describes a method for identifying and reusing used paper in a printer.

A dual-function shredding machine is the subject of Patent No. RE44,865, given to Michilin Prosperity Co., Ltd. of Taipei Hsien, Taiwan.

Patent No. 8,721,255 was awarded to SA Recycling LLC, from Anaheim, California, for a method for loading recyclable materials onto freight containers.

Daejeon, South Korea's Korea Institute of Energy Research was given Patent No. 8,722,008, which describes a method for processing carbon black produced by performing a pyrolysis process on scrap tires.

Jillian Brown, from Fort Salonga, New York, was given Patent No. 8,725,591 for a method of reusing and recycling billboard materials.

Patent No. 8,728,260 was awarded to Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Ecore International Inc. for a method and system for recovering a recyclable surface covering.

Recycling railroad ties is the subject of Patent No. 8,728,376, given to Canton, Ohio's TJ Technology Holdings LLC.

New York City's Central Park Conservancy was awarded Patent No. D705,513 for a receptacle that collects both recyclables and trash.

A method for processing mixed solid waste is the subject of Patent Application No. 20140134694, given to Organic Energy Corp. from Sugar Land, Texas.

Patent Application No. 20140131491 was given to Wisconsin Film & Bag, Inc. for a process to recycle post-consumer plastic film.

ReCommunity, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, was awarded Patent Application No. 20140130553 for methods of creating recycled glass from mixed color glass cullet.

Bursa, Turkey's E-mak Makina was given Patent Application No. 20140112090, which concerns a method of preparing used asphalt into a new recycled asphalt layer.

Patent Application No. 20140119829 was awarded to Leap Technologies, Inc. for a mobile microwave processing unit for melting recovered asphalt.

A system of life-cycle tracking of recyclable commodities is the subject of Patent Application No. 20140122347, given to BNSF Logistics, headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas.

For more information on these or any patents, please consult the U.S. Patent Office database online.

Copies of patents can be ordered by number for $3 each from the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA, 22313-1450.

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