NewsBits from Plastics Recycling Update


April 24, 2014

Asia Plastics Recycling Holding, a publicly traded firm that operates in Taiwan, is facing financial turmoil after being accused of overstating some of its economic figures.

Miami-based plastics recycling firm CNOX has formed a unique partnership with an area elementary school to gain access to a potential wellspring of material while encouraging children to get excited about recycling. With the intention of forming recycling partnerships with all area schools one day, for now CNOX pays Belle Glade Elementary for all recyclable plastic collected by students.

South Africa-based industry group Polyco has issued an RFP for grants to spur polyolefin recycling. Receiving applications until May 2, the organization aims to identify and support groups and firms that can contribute to advances in plastics collection, sorting and recycling and help the country reach an aspirational goal of diverting all plastic packaging waste by 2030.

Looking for someone to take your polypropylene (PP) supply? Moore Recycling Associates and Berry Plastics have mapped national demand for PP, offering state-by-state breakdowns of firms looking to purchase material for processing. Moore will be updating the Recycle More Plastic map as additional buyers emerge – provide feedback by emailing

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