Sims nabs 12 e-Stewards certifications

Sims nabs 12 e-Stewards certifications

By Bobby Elliott, E-Scrap News

Feb. 14, 2014

Sims Recycling Solutions has achieved e-Stewards certifications at 12 of its 14 North American processing facilities.

The two facilities that are not currently certified — one in Vancouver, British Columbia and the other in Montreal — are on track to gain the certification by this summer, according to a company press release.

All of the company's 11 U.S. facilities, including a 285,000-square-foot plant in Chicago, are certified to the standard. The company's largest North American facility, located in Toronto, has also received the certification.

"Sims chose to pursue the e-Stewards certification because we believe that it provides a clear, unambiguous and robust approach to domestic electronic scrap processing," Sean Magann, vice president of the company, told E-Scrap News. "Due to minimal changes that were needed, being certified was really a way for us to add credibility to the standards and services that were already being provided."

The changes Sims did have to make, Magann added, included "labeling updates for our asset management/reuse division and modifications to our reusable equipment testing procedures, but nothing involving destinations or types of equipment sold."

By pursuing certification, the company pledges to "provide complete data destruction, uphold environmental and social responsibility, and [be] aware of all relevant laws to ensure responsible recycling," the press release states. A major component e-Stewards certification facilities is curbing the export of e-scrap to developing countries.

In July of 2012, Sims Recycling Solutions, owned by publicly traded Sims Metal Management, announced its intent to pursue e-Stewards certification at all North American processing facilities.

In addition to now being e-Stewards certified, all 12 facilities are also ISO 14001 and R-2 certified. The certifications, Magann said, ensure "Sims handles their material in accordance with the highest regulated industry standards."

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