CEA highlights progress on green electronics

CEA highlights progress on green electronics goals

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

The Consumer Electronics Association has released its annual sustainability report, indicating members of its eCycling Leadership Initiative recycled 585 million pounds of electronics in 2012.

The CEA-led program has a goal of collectively recycling more than 1 billion pounds of e-scrap annually by 2016, using exclusively third-party certified electronics recycling companies. Over 8,000 e-scrap collection sites are now part of the eCycling Leadership Initiative network in the U.S., up from 5,000 sites in 2010.

Also outlined in the sustainability report were steps the industry association has taken to encourage green electronics design. The CEA report specifically pointed to robust participation in the EPEAT ratings system, as well as an increase in the use of lifecycle analysis reports and design for the environment guidelines during product design processes that have reduced or eliminated many hazardous components and increased the use of recycled plastics and metals in consumer electronics.

The assessment concludes with a progress report on the specific recycling and green electronics goals of many top consumer electronics companies, including Apple, Google and Samsung. The report can be viewed here.

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