Alberta to consolidate recycling program

Alberta to consolidate stewardship programs

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Alberta is proposing a number of changes to recycling regulations in the province, including the consolidation of its extended producer responsibility (EPR) system.

Designed to reduce waste and more closely align Alberta's recycling regulations with other Canadian provinces, the proposed changes include consolidating all of Alberta's separate recycling regulations under one comprehensive framework that would include electronics, beverage containers, used oil, tires and paint. Such as system would also eliminate environmental fees levied on taxpayers and shift the costs of collecting and processing materials on to generators.

In the EPR realm, the proposal suggests requiring producer responsibility for two material types: hazardous waste as well as packaging and printed paper. "Enabling EPR will provide an additional tool, within a suite of tools, for addressing waste in Alberta," states the proposal, which was drafted by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, the province's environmental protection ministry.

Additionally, the types of electronics covered by the province's recycling framework would expand to include small appliances, AV equipment, power tools and telecommunications equipment. Currently, the program covers desktop and laptop computers, peripherals, printers and video display devices and includes recycling fees of ranging from $1.20 for a laptop, to $10 for a display with a 30-inch or larger screen.

A public consultation period will begin this fall.

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