Boston launches composting pilot

Boston launches food composting pilot

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Boston has become the latest major American city to test the waters of municipal food composting.

On Aug. 10, the Massachusetts capital began a pilot program that establishes food scraps collection at three neighborhood farmers markets. The effort will run until October, at which point sanitation officials will determine whether or not to continue or expand the initiative.

“If we see overwhelming interest … then we would explore abilities to expand it to other farmers markets,” one government leader told the Boston Herald.

Residential food scraps collection is gaining traction in a number of municipalities as interest rises among residents, and governments look for ways to curb landfill fees and hit recycling targets. In June, New York City announced plans to expand its own pilot program, which tested curbside compost pick-up in select neighborhoods.

Around 100 U.S. cities currently offer residential curbside collection of food scraps, among them Portland, Oregon; Boulder Colorado; and San Francisco.

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