EPEAT to include smartphones

EPEAT will include smartphones by year-end

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Your next smartphone may be certified on the EPEAT registry, as the Green Electronic Council unveils its latest expansion of the rating system.

Through a partnership with certification and testing firm UL Environment, the Green Electronics Council will roll out the update to EPEAT over the rest of the year. Initially, the rating system for smartphones will be based on UL Environment's UL 110 standard for phones and smartphones, however, given the rapid pace of innovation in mobile computing, an EPEAT spokesperson says, the rating system will likely be expanded to include tablets and other devices as well.

"Mobile products evolve quickly and have a short lifecycle, presenting us with a clear opportunity to significantly reduce their environmental impact," said Green Electronics Council CEO Robert Frisbee in an accompanying press release.

The move is the latest expansion for EPEAT, which has also recently announced revised ratings criteria for televisions, as well as criteria for printers and imaging equipment. As it expands, the green electronics rating system is seeking out new partnerships with nonprofit organizations and existing third-party certification systems.

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