EU asked to consider ban on plastics dumping

EU asked to consider banning plastics dumping

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Plastics manufacturers and environmental groups in Europe are pressing the European Commission to propose legislation banning the disposal of plastics in EU landfills by 2020.

Calls to ban landfilling of plastic bottles and packaging have gained momentum in recent months, with demand for plastics expected to triple by 2050 and recycling figures far below the EU’s stated goals.

Under the 2008 Waste Framework Directive, EU member states are expected to recycle more than half of their waste by 2020. Current figures suggest that the majority of member states are well below that goal. EU member states recycle plastics at rates of 15 to 30 percent.

Advocates of the landfill ban on plastics cite the success of landfill bans in countries where overall recycling is significantly higher, including Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Proposals have also been presented to ban all recyclable materials from landfills by 2020, although concerns are already mounting that a 2020 deadline for plastics may itself be overly ambitious.

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