A group of Australians led by nonprofit organization TechCollect can now say they own a Guinness World Record – for collecting the most e-scrap in one week ever. The nationwide effort brought in 522 tons of old TVs, computers and other consumer electronics. TechCollect is a product stewardship initiative, receiving its funding from several dozen Australian tech firms.

Kenya's deputy president has pegged the country's future economic growth on the continued development of IT systems and e-scrap management. Speaking at the East African Communications Organisations Congress, William Ruto said the country expects the electronics and networking sectors to boost Kenya's GDP by as much as 3 percent in coming years.

After establishing more than 360 "drop zones" for used consumer electronics across Australia, global shipping company DHL was able to coordinate the collection of nearly 20,000 tons of e-scrap during the past year. The effort was part of Australia's national Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, which aims to increase the recycling rate of those products to 30 percent (from the current 17 percent mark).

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