Decision time for U.K. WEEE proposals

Decision time for U.K. WEEE proposals

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

The U.K.'s WEEE Consultation period has ended — but it remains to be seen how the U.K. government will act to implement the WEEE Recast Directive and improve the efficiency of electronics collection.

The consultation period, which ended June 21, sought feedback from key stakeholders on the program with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills providing four options for consideration:

1. a "do-nothing" approach that maintained the current system as is

2. a national producer compliance scheme that would replace the current system

3. reforms to the current system that include better targets and information sharing

4. a proposal to tie WEEE collection sites to specific manufacturer compliance schemes

Debate over which of these options to pursue continues. For instance, the Joint Trade Association backed a combination of options three and four, and other producer-backed coalitions supported the do-nothing approach – albeit with amendments addressing near-term recycling targets, reuse and hazardous materials categorization. OEMs weighed in as well, with HP estimating the U.K. could save as much as 64 million GBP (approximately $99 million U.S.) annually by adopting option four.

The U.K. government will announce its decision in mid-August.

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