Central Park to have more recycling bins than trash cans

Central Park to have more recycling bins than trash cans

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

The recycling bins and trash cans in New York City's iconic Central Park are receiving a refresh from the Central Park Conservancy, the nonprofit organization that manages the park for the city and the Alcoa Foundation, the philanthropic arm of aluminum giant Alcoa.

As part of the Big Apple's larger efforts to boost recycling in the city, as well as to manage the waste and recyclables for the park's estimated 40 million visitors annually, Central Park is having its current trash and recycling cans replaced by more than 700 newly-designed aluminum receptacles. The cans were paid for through a $500,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation. 

The Conservancy says that the park's 300 recycling bins will be replaced with 418 new aluminum cans and will replace the park's more-than 300 trash cans with new aluminum ones. The exact number of trash cans being placed was not released, but the group says that there will be more recycling bins than trash cans for the first time in the park's history.

According to the group, the trash and recycling cans will be placed in strategic, high-traffic locations throughout the Park and should help both to boost the amount of recyclables collected at the park, but the design of the new bins should help reduce the amount of rats getting into the cans, as well.

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Central Park is full of trash

This was a foolish attempt at looking green!

Park users- re leaving garbage- in spots that obviously used to have trash cans.

Too few trash cans and too many recycling bins. Fewer rats? I doubt it More racoons and litter? Absolutely.