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Atlantic Packaging Products will re-open its paper mill in Whitby, Ontario next March to produce 100-percent recycled lightweight paper. The former recycled newsprint mill will be converted into making a strong, low-basis-weight packaging-grade product.

Reading, Pennsylvania-based Exide Technologies has announced that it will be idling its lead recycling operations next year due to swings in the lead market, high capital investment and regulatory requirements. The company will continue to operate its plastics recycling business and will retain its permits.

You've probably heard about all the uses for aluminum cans, but here's one more: a keyboard. Bucharest, Romania-based tech company RoboFun introduced attendees at the Webstock 2012 conference to a fully-functional keyboard made of beer cans. Via The Huffington Post.

A truck weighed down from collecting recyclables got stuck in a sinkhole in Pottsville, Pennsylvania reports

The New York City Department of Sanitation has resumed collection of paper and cardboard, metals, plastic and glass, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Collection services were suspended following the hurricane to make repairs to recycling centers and to allow for the redeployment of sanitation workers for emergency debris removal.

The PepsiCo Dream Machine Recycling Initiative, a project that involves the installation of new recycling kiosks and bins in public venues and a nationwide school recycling program, has announced that it has donated $500,000 to the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities for third consecutive year. Pepsi has cumulatively given $1.5 million to the program which supports career training and job creation for post-9/11 U.S. veterans with disabilities.

Boston tech start-up, Greenbean Recycle, Inc., has recycled 100,000 containers through reverse-vending machines using the company's software, which allows user to direct the 5-cent deposit on bottles and cans to student accounts, charities or a PayPal account. It also allows user to show the environmental impact of recycling and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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