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For information on mailing lists and other list rentals, contact Rick Downing, Advertising Director.


List Rentals


Resource Recycling Magazine

Resource Recycling Magazine

For over three decades, Resource Recycling News has been bringing the latest recycling and composting news to a veritable who's who of the world of recycling.


Plastics Recycling Update Magazine

Plastics Recycling Update

Plastics Recycling Update is the only magazine in North America devoted exclusively to polymer recovery issues.


E-Scrap News Magazine

E-Scrap News

E-Scrap News focuses on the latest issues related to the collection, handling and processing of scrap electronics. 



List Rentals

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Let us introduce you to more than 25,000 new customers! Extensive and detailed mailing lists from Resource Recycling make your direct-marketing campaigns effective and profitable. With more than 25,000 names, we can ensure that you get your sales literature, brochures and other direct-mail materials into the hands of potential buyers. Your direct-marketing resource to the solid waste, recycling and composting industries.


Resource Recycling maintains separate lists in more than 50 categories of the recycling, composting and solid waste industries. List buyers thus can target specific industry sectors. Among the categories are:

  • municipal recycling officials
  • composting site managers
  • waste haulers
  • recycling centers and materials recovery facilities (MRF)
  • paper stock dealers and brokers
  • scrap metal processors
  • landfill operators

The lists are composed of the premier companies in the industry. And, they include the names of corporate executives, public officials and managers directly responsible for materials recovery and decision making.


Our lists have been used successfully for direct marketing, industry surveys, conference announcements and trade book sales campaigns.


The database is maintained on a daily basis. We guarantee 96 percent or higher deliverability, as we install new orders, renewals and address changes daily from our subscribers. However, no responsibility can be assumed by Resource Recycling for shortages or overruns on your material.


Orders must be submitted in writing. Payment must accompany all orders from new clients. For continuing customers or advertisers in our periodicals, our terms are net 30 days. No returns or exchanges are accepted. For further details, contact Rick Downing by sending e-mail to


The price is $100 per thousand, with a minimum order of $200. A second copy of the same list for another mailing, ordered at the same time, is one-half the cost of the first list.


Lists can be sorted and produced to suit your needs, including state, ZIP code and category.


We offer labels on disk or an Excel file (available only to approved mailing houses) or 3-across pressure sensitive labels. For pressure-sensitive labels, add $15.00 per thousand.


We offer a 15 percent commission to recognized mailing list brokers, advertising agencies and direct-marketing consultants. Purchasers must supply one sample of the mailing piece before the order is placed. To receive an order form, contact Rick Downing at:

(440) 257-6453

(440) 257-6459 fax

Resource Recycling, P.O. Box 44270, Portland, OR 97242-0270

LIST CATEGORIES — Call for a brochure with the most recent counts for each category! 
  • Government recycling and composting officials
  • Town, city, county regional
  • State, federal
  • Military
  • University operations 
  • Waste management
  • Private haulers
  • Landfill operators
  • Resource recovery plant operators 
  • Recycling centers 
  • Collection centers
  • Materials recovery facilities 
  • Composting plant operators and wood waste processors 
  • Yard debris
  • Construction/demolition/wood waste
  • Scrap metals 
  • Scrap metal processors
  • Aluminum can processors
  • Ferrous scrap end users
  • Aluminum scrap end users 
  • Recovered paper 
  • Dealers and brokers
  • End users 
  • Recovered glass 
  • Processors
  • End users 
  • Service and product suppliers 
  • Consulting firms
  • Trade association
  • Financial institutions 
  • Recovered scrap plastics 
  • Corporate officials interested in plastics recycling
  • Post-consumer scrap processors
  • Industrial scrap processors
  • Recycled plastic productmakers
  • Plastic lumber producers 
  • Scrap tire processors and end users 
  • Used oil collectors, processors and end users 
  • Textile scrap processors 
  • Waste exchanges 
  • Beverage industry 
  • Beverage producers and distributors
  • Redemption centers 
  • Others 
  • Environmental groups active in recycling
  • Individuals active in recycling
  • University researchers and educators
  • Businesses/institutions facility managers (e.g., hotels, factories, hospitals)
  • Waste generators


  • Past and present subscribers to leading recycling periodicals
  • Firms and governmental agencies listed in recycling directories issued by 31 states
  • Attendees at more than 50 recent recycling and composting conferences
  • Members of more than two dozen state recycling associations
  • Members of leading national organizations
  • Comprehensive listings from national directories