Wisconsin talks CRT options

Wisconsin talks CRT options

By Bobby Elliott, E-Scrap News

July 31, 2014

The state of Wisconsin has released a guidance document on what routes recycling firms can take to process CRT glass and satisfy manufacturer contracts.

And the document makes clear that firms participating in the state's E-Cycle Wisconsin program can't count landfilled glass — at hazardous waste facilities or run-of-the-mill solid waste landfills — as recycled glass.

While E-Cycle's Sarah Murray says the market for sending glass downstream has become increasingly constrained, traditional recycling outlets for the leaded funnel glass portion of CRTs remain available. According to Murray, leaded glass is either sent to smelters — Doe Run in Missouri and Glencore in Canada — or to the lone glass-to-glass recycling facility still taking U.S. CRT glass — Videocon in India.

Emerging processing options within the U.S., including Nulife in New York and Closed Loop Refining and Recovery in Ohio and Arizona, would be considered on a "case by case basis," Murray said, before being counted toward program pounds.

One option Wisconsin has decided can't be counted toward program pounds is glass used as alternative daily cover (ADC). ADC, Murray says, is disposal and not recycled or put to beneficial use — a position the document affirms.

"In Wisconsin, it is considered disposal if the glass is sent to a landfill, regardless of whether the glass is used as ADC, road base or other purposes within the landfill," the document reads.

That said, recycling firms in Wisconsin are permitted to dispose of treated glass at landfills — as ADC or otherwise — and hazardous waste facilities, as long as they follow a strict set of guidelines and don't count it toward any manufacturer contract.

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