NAPCOR isn't sold on delabeling "solutions"

NAPCOR isn't sold on delabeling "solutions"

By Editorial Staff, Plastics Recycling Update

June 5, 2014

An association that represents the PET processing industry is making it known that recycling bottles with full wrap shrink labels continues to be a challenge, and it says label manufacturers should be held accountable.

Calling delabeling equipment an "expensive and complex solution," the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) has issued an official position statement on the heated topic, arguing that recycling containers with full wrap shrink labels – those that cover the entire surface area of containers – has caused reclaimers "tens of millions of dollars in costs annually."

"Adding equipment into the PET reclamation process is not an equitable or cost-neutral proposition," Rick Moore, NAPCOR's executive director, told Plastics Recycling Update in a follow-up statement. "Let’s be clear: The cost of innovation cannot fall squarely on the reclamation sector."

Acknowledging the marketing advantages the labels afford the beverage industry, NAPCOR wants labeling companies to simply focus on making labels more recyclable – and doing so on their own dime.

The status quo, NAPCOR says, where reclaimers are being asked to purchase separate delabeling equipment to remove the labels successfully from containers, isn't sustainable or equitable. "Handling bottles with full wrap shrink labels adds 2 to 4 cents per pound of material – not just the pounds of full wrap shrink bottles, but all PET," the position paper reads.

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