Programs in action

Programs in action

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

June 4, 2014

In this week’s assessment of local recycling initiatives, single-stream recycling is a major focus.

Several communities will switch to all-recyclables collection in the coming months. Charlottesville, Virginia begins its program in July when it will pick up residential materials every other week, using 95-gallon carts. The program will handle more materials than in the past, including the collection of all plastic bottles.

Naperville, Illinois will also move to cart-based single-stream service in September, with Republic Services doing the collection.

Durham County, North Carolina has seen recycling volumes jump 34 percent when single-stream service is offered. As a result, the county will add 7,000 more homes to the program.

Charleston County, South Carolina, meanwhile, has seen its recycling tonnage climb 63 percent in the past four years, due in great part by the county’s switch to fully mixed, cart-based service. Sonoco Recycling processes the materials, with residents paying a $99 per year solid waste fee for recycling.

Brookhaven, New York says volumes have risen 25 percent since implementing all-recyclables collection.

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