Microsoft encourages recycling as it phases out XP

Microsoft encourages recycling as it phases out XP

By Editorial Staff, E-Scrap News

April 11, 2014

Microsoft is leading a charge to encourage proper data sanitization and recycling of old computers.

Ending technical support for Microsoft XP and Office 2003 this week, the software comany expects users to begin migrating to newer technology, such as Windows 8.1 and Office 365. If that shift does occur as planned, "there will be a growing need to help safely and securely dispose of older devices," Microsoft says.

To help, Microsoft wants customers to seek out authorized refurbishers and recycling partners to ensure sensitive data is properly erased and gadgets get recycled. The company specifically mentions finding R2, e-Stewards and WEEELABEX-certified recycling firms "to make sure you're working with someone that will recycle old technology in a safe and environmentally responsible way."

Microsoft had offered technical support to Microsoft XP and Office 2003 users for 12 years. Last year's launch of Microsoft 8.1 was unable to offer any significant reprieve from slumping PC shipments in 2013.

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XP computer Reycling

Why is Microsoft not including Microsoft Registered Refurbishers in its appeal to businesses? 

Why only escrap dealers and stewards? We as registered refurbishers are also authorized to sanitize hard drives and re-install Microsoft products. 

This is true recycling and not total destruction.