California puts CRV operators to the test

California puts CRV operators to the test

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

California officials are hoping a mandatory training program for redemption center operators will help curb fraud within the state's bottle redemption program.

The state's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) is rolling out a regulation this week requiring operators of beverage container buy-back and processing facilities to take a one-day course and pass a written exam before they can gain certification in the California Redemption Value (CRV) program. The requirement applies to operators aiming for certification for the first time and for those looking to become recertified.

California's redemption program has for years worked to stop individuals from being paid for beverage containers brought in from other states. Such fraud has played some role in the program's current financial straits.

CalRecycle is also implementing revamped weight guidelines for CRV payouts: An individual can now bring a maximum of 100 pounds of plastic or aluminum containers per day to recycling centers (down from the former limit of 500 pounds). The glass limit, meanwhile, has been changed from 2,500 pounds to 1,000 pounds.

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CalRecycle is the problem

CalRecycle and the State enforcement organizations have no interest in stopping the fraudulent shipment and sale of CRV goods from out of State locations. Instead the enforcement agencies complain they have no funds. They tell us they only work 4 days per week. They tell us they do not visit unlicensed processors. This is ironic if you investigate the massive amounts of money the sheriff of LA County has spent in attempting to indite and destroy hard, honest, licensed processors. The sheriff seems to have no problem spending months filming and following suposed criminals coming from out of State to California to sell cans and bottles that are clearly marked CRV, California on them!!!


Simplicity has always been elegant and efficient. The State of California is the largest market in North America for goods being sold in containers covered by CRV. Why has California not passed a simple regulation forcing the manufacturers to color code those CRV goods that are only sold in California. Were this to happen the processor would easily be able to identify HOT GOODS AND LAW BREAKERS. The problem would go away. Illegal unlicensed processors would dry up for lack of profit. Law enforcement requirements for policing would go away.


The only possible reason for not initiating a simple starightforward solution for this problem is the age old fact that law enforcement and attornies benefit from bad law. This remains the sad conclusion as to why the right stepos have not been taken. Self interest and greed are not exclusive to the private sector. They are just as bad if not worse in the public sector. This is not about doing the right thing. This is about protecting the jobs and benefits of the Government and the attorneys making our lives more expensive. This is a clear example of government at its worst!!