Dell is halfway to 2 billion pound collection goal

Dell is halfway to 2 billion pound collection goal

By Bobby Elliott, E-Scrap News

Oct. 31, 2013

Hardware giant Dell is on pace to collect 2 billion pounds of used electronics by 2020, one of its major sustainability goals.

In its 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, the global company claims it is "setting the bar high" through a series of interconnected goals addressing three target areas: the environment, local communities and Dell employees. The company will have seven years to reach what it calls its 21 aspirational goals, several of which involve recycling.

In addition to the 2 billion pounds of e-scrap aim, by 2020 the company wants to divert 90 percent of office-generated waste and use only recyclable or compostable packaging. According to the report, the company has recovered 1 billion pounds of e-scrap since 2008, getting halfway to the goal with seven years remaining.

The report notes, however, that the lightweight build of new electronics and inconsistent "recycling-related infrastructure and regulations" will require the company to redouble its efforts. "Meeting our recovery goal by 2020 will entail expanding into new markets while maximizing efforts in those we already serve," reads the report.

In addition to encouraging progressive e-scrap legislation throughout the world, Dell says it will look into "creating closed-loop recycling programs in developing countries," among other initiatives.

The company will release annual reports on its progress toward reaching all of its 2020 goals, including e-scrap collection.

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