Consortium introduces label removal solution

UPDATED: Consortium introduces label removal solution

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

The full-wrap label consortium, a coalition of approximately 50 companies organized by Eastman Chemical Company, recently announced a potential breakthrough in label removal technologies.

Members of the consortium toured a recycling facility showcasing the new delabeling equipment, and results from a trial run of the method, which relies on perforation, were said to be encouraging. According to an Eastman press release, 97 percent of labels were removed without damaging the PET bottles in the process.

Removing labels from PET bottles cleanly while maximizing yield has been a vexing issue for industry, and the consortium was formed earlier this year to develop and review delabeling solutions. "There is a great amount of dedication to improving and creating new delabeling equipment that can work with multiple systems and with greater degrees of efficiencies than what previously was available," said Eastman market development manager Holli Whitt.

Investigating the latest delabeling innovations will continue to be a major focus of the group of companies making up the consortium. The group will meet again in December when it plans to be formally recognized as an organization.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story misstated the number of companies involved in the consortium.  That number is 50, not 30 (as was previously reported). 

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