BAN to release e-Stewards 2.0 in November

BAN to release e-Stewards 2.0 in November

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Sharing the stage with R2 Solutions executive director John Lingelbach during a lively session on certification changes at the E-Scrap Conference, BAN executive director Jim Puckett announced that the long-awaited update to the e-Stewards standard will be released later this year.

Calling e-Stewards 2.0 "very, very close," Puckett said a final draft of the update will be published in mid-September, followed by a webinar and comments period, with an official release date of Nov. 1, 2013.

"This is not a Pepsi and Coke scenario," said Puckett, drawing a clear distinction between the competing standards. "There is a reason e-Stewards was created after R2, when the environmental groups walked out of the process. 2.0 will continue the theme of principled and pragmatic stewardship."

Puckett described the updated version of e-Stewards as a comprehensive, "one-stop shop" for the e-scrap industry and one that will now cost less than R2 certification, once total costs and license fees are calculated. Puckett also added that e-Stewards will not include R2, due to copyright issues with the standard.

Specific changes to the certification will address a rising concern with data security and the overall clarity of e-Stewards certification language, a key issue raised by the session's two additional presenters, Anne Peters of Gracestone and Libby Chaplin of Arcadian Solutions. Increased blood testing will also be considered and EPEAT will become fully incorporated in the new iteration of the e-Stewards certification.

Puckett also announced that air monitoring testing at e-Stewards facilities may be reduced if initial testing indicates no air issues exist. During a Q & A following their presentations, Lingelbach and Puckett ceded that CRTs could potentially be landfilled if testing levels were below stated requirements. Addressing the rising concern that e-Stewards may become too "stringent," Puckett added "you don't want a standard that no one's going to adhere to."

During his presentation, Puckett confirmed that BAN and e-Stewards will separate. A final board vote is slated to take place in January of next year, in an evolutionary step for both entities as they continue to develop and focus their respective roles.

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