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In the organization’s 2011 fiscal year, the Basel Action Network raised approximately $328,000 from fees charged to e-Steward-certified firms. This represented about 55 percent of BAN’s e-scrap program revenues and 46 percent of the nonprofit organization’s total revenues.

E-Cycle Washington collected 3.82 million pounds of covered electronics in June of this year, compared with 3.27 million pounds in June 2012. In the first half of 2013, the Emerald State collected 22.28 million pounds of televisions, monitors and computers, up from the 20.02 million pounds taken in over the same period in 2012. Display devices accounted for 92.4 percent of the weight of returned items.

Several different companies and organizations are teaming up in the U.K. to develop a fine-grinding technology that could streamline the process of recycling the nation's used portable batteries. The ReCharge project relies on a method of transforming the solid inner core of alkaline batteries to a powder, from which valuable metal concentrates can be extracted. Recently-enacted battery recycling regulations in the U.K. have spurred the market for more efficient battery recovery and recycling systems in the country.

An e-scrap facility outside of Toronto grabbed some consumer exposure when it was featured in the premiere episode of the Canadian TV show "Shred!" The Discovery network series documents the undertakings of shredding machine manufacturer Shredding Systems, Inc., and the first episode took a look at the machine the company built and installed for a facility operated by Sims Recycling Solutions.

Office Depot launched a program that offers incentives to customers for recycling used ink and toner cartridges. The retailer collects the products in-store and gives consumers points for each recycled cartridge; those points then translate into rewards vouchers as they accumulate. The program began July 1.

Online computer-upgrade company conducted a survey that concluded U.K. consumers are producing roughly 5,000 metric tons of desktop and laptop computer scrap each year. The research looked at the habits of 2,000 U.K. residents and found 73 percent of them have thrown away a computer.

Shredding equipment manufacturer Untha UK has created a finance arm, called Untha Finance, to help companies develop strategies to fund equipment purchases. The program was developed by Untha’s managing director, Chris Oldfield, and is open to any firm looking to buy or lease Untha-built products.

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