Fair Trade Recycling

Fair Trade Recycling moves to independent housing body

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Fair Trade Recycling, the trade name of the World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association (WR3A), will operate under the nonprofit Resolve Solutions Network for the next year — and possibly longer.

In a new agreement between Resolve and WR3A, the organization will host Fair Trade Recycling/WR3A as a network project, meaning Resolve will serve as the independent housing entity for Fair Trade Recycling. WR3A staff hope this greater financial autonomy will aid the organization in its ongoing negotiations with Interpol and African importers of used electronics.

Fair Trade Recycling advocates the exporting of electronic products for refurbishment and beneficial use in the developing world, an arrangement that has come under increased criticism by various parties who claim the trade enables the dumping of electronic waste.

"Our goal is to give FairTradeRecycling.org the footing it needs to be an advocate, or anti-defamation organization, without the funding for the organization appearing to come exclusively from businesses engaged in the trade [of electronics]," explained Robin Ingenthron, president of American Retroworks, Inc. and founder of WR3A.

A scope document provided to E-Scrap News indicates several Resolve staff members are donating their time to work on the Fair Trade Recycling project. Over the next several months, Resolve will undertake follow-up discussions and stakeholder outreach to determine whether there is potential to shape policy, strategy or programs regarding e-scrap refurbishment, and make specific recommendations. The Fair Trade Recycling website, web presence and associated documents will also be migrated to the Resolve Solutions Network.

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