<i>RR Conference 2013</i>: Will China's Green Fence change recycling in North America?

RR Conference 2013: Will China's Green Fence change recycling in North America?

When President Xi Jinping of China told customs inspectors in February to enforce a five-year-old importation law, his decision created huge levels of concern and consternation throughout the recycling world. Operation Green Fence has resulted in inspectors refusing to allow some loads of paper, plastics and metals from Europe and the U.S. to enter the country because they contained high levels of contamination. Some containers were sent back to the supplier, at a great expense. What has been the effect of increased diligence by custom officials? Can MRFs comply with these new standards? Is this good, or bad, for recycling? Resource Recycling's editorial team has focused on this issue over the past months, and Jerry Powell will report some new and intriguing findings.

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