<i>RR Conference 2013</i>: An update on product stewardship

RR Conference 2013: An update on product stewardship

Product stewardship is a strategy to transform our current waste management system to limit growing environmental, social and economic externalities. By engaging manufacturers in taking on greater financial and managerial responsibility for the environmental and social impacts of products throughout their lifecycle, product stewardship aims to increase recycling, increase efficiency, and incentivize more sustainable product manufacture. The Product Stewardship Institute has organized an informative panel which will review different models of product stewardship programs across the country for three products that can be difficult to manage, including carpet, mattresses and paint.

Find out what works for recycling at the 2013 Resource Recycling Conference to be held August 27-28 at the Marriott Louisville Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, including information on booking a hotel room, session topics, or exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.rrconference.com or click on the banner below.

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