<i>RR Conference 2013</i>: Getting a handle on economic impacts studies

RR Conference 2013: Getting a handle on economic impacts studies

Many communities are struggling with the threat of significant cuts to their recycling programs. The economic impact of recycling is a critical subject in the debate over protecting your existing programs or establishing new ones. But what kind of information will you arm yourself with in the battle for your recycling budget?

This timely presentation by Chaz Miller of the National Solid Wastes Management Association will analyze a wide variety of national and regional studies in terms of their conclusions, how recycling was defined, what jobs were included and the methods used in the study. You will walk away from this presentation with a broader understanding of measuring economic impacts and when you get back to the office you will be better prepared for the next time you do an economic impact study.

Find out what works for recycling at the 2013 Resource Recycling Conference to be held August 27-28 at the Marriott Louisville Downtown in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, including information on booking a hotel room, session topics, or exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.rrconference.com or click on the banner below.

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