New e-scrap study will examine workplace safety

New e-scrap study will examine workplace safety

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has announced a new report on potential toxic substances exposure among e-scrap processing workers.

NIOSH's Health Hazard Evaluation Program will gather information on potential exposure to dust, noise and heavy metals such as lead, chromium and nickel, through a survey of 100 randomly selected facilities. The survey will include a voluntary telephone survey of facility managers regarding processes and workplace health and safety practices, and site visits to three e-scrap recycling facilities. The findings, as well as recommendations to improve health and safety, will be sent to the survey participants, and will eventually be available free-of-charge on the NIOSH HHE website.

NIOSH is not an enforcement or regulatory agency, and it assures all potential participants that information regarding specific facilities or companies will not be shared.

Questions regarding the study can be directed to Dr. Diana Ceballos at

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Workplace Safety With Safety Audits

It is very good step that The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has annoused new workplace safety report. Workplace safety is very essential for the safety of workers.If the workers are protected then they can work with full confidence. Every organization must comply with NIOSH's Health and safety regulations.Workers must also be provided workplace safety training.There must be safety signs at workplaces to make them aware of possible hazards. It must be ensured that safety audits are being conducted well in time and according to NIOSH's regulations with the help of best safety audit software.  I used to visit  to get information and free safety solutions regarding safety audits.