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An employee has been arraigned for stealing more than $50,000 from Empire Recycling Corp., a Utica, New York-based recycling company where she worked, reports The Post-Standard. Specifically, she is accused of paying customers for the amount of scrap metal they brought in and then altering records for the amount of material brought in and pocketing the extra cash that would have been paid out.

Speaking of scofflaws, there were dozens of arrests made this morning in the New York metro area "in connection with a long-running investigation into continued Mafia control of the private garbage-hauling industry," reported the New York Post. The paper reported that more than 30 arrests are to be made by the time the raid ends later on today.

The national organization representing governmental waste management and recycling efforts had a strong year in 2012. The Solid Waste Association of North America saw membership rise by 4.5 percent to 8,079, with 84 percent of 3011's members signing up again. Of SWANA's seven technical divisions, the largest is the recycling group.

Rumpke Recycling is building a $32 million 85,000-square-foot recycling center in St. Bernard, Ohio to replace a former facility destroyed by a fire in April of last year. The new facility, which is partially funded by state and national grants to the tune of almost $700,000, will be capable of sorting up to 55 tons of material every hour, more than doubling the capabilities of the previous system and will serve more than 4.5 million residents in Cincinnati and beyond. Rumpke expects the new site to open in late fall.

The Army has developed a way to recycle shell bodies of demilitarized munitions that will save it as much as $10 million per year over the next two decades, reports the New Jersey Herald.

Almost 40 percent of dated, damaged or otherwise worn-out textbooks used in K-12 and higher education are either thrown out or stowed away, according to a new study by the National Wildlife Federation produced in concert with McGraw-Hill and NewPage Corporation. While the report identified a number of pilot projects to recycle the texts, it found that more education about the benefits of textbook recycling is needed to reap the environmental benefits of recycling them.

Wausau Paper has started the first phase of a $220 million upgrade of its Harrodsburg, Kentucky recycled tissue and toweling mill. The company says its future is in the away-from-home tissue business.

Both Caraustar Industries, Inc. and Sonoco announced price increases of $25 per ton on all uncoated recycled paperboard grades beginning in the next month. The increase is due to increasing costs, including chemicals, energy, freight, labor and raw materials.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, along with the Border Environment Cooperation Commission and the Municipality of Tijuana, is opening what it's calling "the first urban compost center ever created for Mexican residents in the border region." The center was funded through a $73,000 grant to Tijuana Calidad de Vida (a Mexican non-governmental organization) and it will produce about 150 tons of compost in its first year, with the resulting material to be used to plant trees and nurseries in the city.

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