<i>Plastics Recycling 2013</i>: Rigids recycling at the grocery store

Plastics Recycling 2013: Rigids recycling at the grocery store

There is a strong demand for new feedstock to meet the ever-growing demand for recycled resin material, but where can it be found? The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) found a solution to this question by creating an innovative program which helps get the recyclable rigid plastics found in supermarkets into the hands of plastics reclaimers and other industry stakeholders. APR's director of the rigid plastics recycling program, Liz Bedard, explores the key resources offered through this brand-new national effort and what impact the program may have on plastic recovery.

Don't be left behind — get your facts straight from the source at the 2013 Plastics Recycling Conference, which will be held March 19-20 in New Orleans. For more information, visit www.plasticsrecycling.com.

And, after the conference, stick around for the Global Plastics Environmental Conference's (GPEC) "The Latest Need to Know: From Recycling to Sustainability of Plastics." GPEC's conference will be held right after the Plastics Recycling Conference, March 20-22 at the same great location, the Sheraton New Orleans, right next to the Crescent City's famed French Quarter. Don't miss out on these two terrific events.

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