The Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse has launched a new online tool allowing manufacturers to register for multiple state recycling programs at once. By visiting, manufacturers can fulfill their registration requirements for the Connecticut, Hawaii, Oregon and Maine e-cycling programs.

Kenya's National Environment Management Authority has announced plans to build an electronics recycling facility to accommodate the inflow of e-scrap into the country. Reportedly, Kenya has seen a dramatic rise in stockpiling of scrap consumer electronics, mobile devices and electrical appliances.

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania has begun selling "Good-to-Go" computers again. Each Good-to-Go system sells for approximately $200 and includes a refurbished Dell Optiplex desktop, Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers. The program was originally suspended due to overwhelming demand.

Greene Lyon Group, Inc. has sold its stake in a printed circuit board recycling co-venture to its partner company ATMI, Inc. The process recovers rare earth metals from circuit board scrap. Greene Lyon says it plans to refocus its resources on material recovery technologies for other types of e-scrap, including CRTs.

An investigative article in Mother Jones exposes the environmental consequences of rare earth mining. Rare earth metals are essential to the manufacture of some electronics components, but their mining produces many environmentally-harmful, and sometimes radioactive, byproducts.

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The main function of E-Waste recycling is to get rid of all ecologically destructive products like lead and even heavy metals from land fills and also to minimize the opportunity that water materials or plants might become tainted. These materials are rerouted to recycling facilities efficient in recuperating high value electronic waste. By recycling these wastes, the setting is protected and fewer resources are utilized. The system is also economical.