The wide world of recycling

The wide world of recycling

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Israel reaches a milestone in beverage container recovery and Bahrain launches a new residential recycling program.

An Israeli nonprofit organization founded by beverage manufacturers and importers to meet their requirements under the country's deposit law has collected over 5 billion used beverage containers since it was founded a decade ago, reports Haaretz.

The Ela Beverage Containers Collection Corporation also says that it's meeting its target of collecting 77 percent of small bottles and cans, and is on track to collect half of all large beverage containers, those that are one and a half liters or larger, by the end of the year.

In Israel, containers smaller than a liter and a half carry a deposit of 30 agorot (around 8 cents). Although larger containers don't carry a deposit, the company is still seeking to collect and recycle them.

In another Middle Eastern country, Bahrain will launch a new household recycling program, reports the Gulf Daily News. The new initiative, which is being driven by the Northern Municipality and the Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry, will first be implemented in the coastal city of Budaiya and will include a separation system that is intended to divides residents' refuse by paper and cardboard, plastics, metals, glass and packaging materials.

Under the program, households will be provided different colored bags that will be collected by private companies. Recently, the island country introduced a recycling service to commercial buildings that is being extended to residents under the recent initiative, the paper reports. The service will steadily be expanded across the country after the pilot phase in Budaiya.

"The average solid waste per person is 1.5 kilograms (kg) a day and that's high compared to Oman, where it is 0.6 to 0.9 kg, and European giant Germany where it is 1.1 kg," Yousif Al Ghatam, the National Cleaning Committee chairman, told the paper.

He also said recycling awareness campaigns will also be launched across the country.

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