Tennessee mayor refuses to sign recycling contract

Tennessee mayor refuses to sign recycling contract

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Concerned about not wanting the government to force "personal ideologies onto everyone," a mayor of a city in Tennessee is refusing to finalize a contract with Waste Management that includes a curbside recycling collection service.

Michael Dinwiddie — mayor of Spring Hill, a city of about 30,000 people, about an hour south of Nashville — won't sign a contract with Waste Management, which has already been approved by the town's aldermen, because he has heard complaints from citizens about an additional $3.58 monthly charge for curbside recycling, reports The Tennessean. He is planning on sending out a citywide survey in the next city water bill to gauge citizen interest in the new service.

"I do not believe it is the government's role to force its personal ideologies onto everyone, especially when it involves increasing the rates that our residents have to pay for a service," Dinwiddie wrote in an email to aldermen and city staff obtained by The Tennessean. "Recycling is important but should be voluntary, and if there is a charge for the service, then I want the residents to have a voice in the matter."

He indicated in the letter that if a majority of residents indicate that they don't want to pay for the service, then he will take action to modify or rescind the contract. If they are willing to pay for the service, then he will ink the contract.

In August, Dinwiddie called his constituents "gullible sheep" on his Facebook page, reports News Channel 5.

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Mayor Short Sighted

Perhaps when the towns people of Spring Hill TN have to pay for a new landfill thru increased taxes, then the benefit of recycling will be apparent.

I have just read that the cost of application and design engineering  for an  MSW in KY is $500, 000 to  one million dollars.  That does not include

the $75,000 per acre for the landfill liner.  .  Recycling not only allows for reuse of valuable, and in some cases limited resources, but also provides

good jobs for communities.  The days of digging a hole in the ground to disposte of our waste, are over ...


Poor Mayoral Conduct...

to say the least.  I agree with the previous comment that this is extremely short-sighted of the mayor.  Everyone should know, as has been written in to both federal and local laws across this nation, that recycling is both in the best environmental and monetary interest of citizens and their progeny.  If this man were really worth his  salary he would negotiate for a better price since recycling materials in a community of 30,000 will bring a substantial amount of revenue for the intermediary company who offers the service year after year. 

Mayor missing major link in garbage/recycling solution

A quick internet search reveals that Spring Hill, TN charges $10.77/month for garbage collection for every house. The fee automatically gets added to the water bill. $3.58/month for recycling pick up is comparatively cheap. The step that appears to have been neglected in this town discussion is the linking of the two issues.

A small percentage of people will recycle because it is good for the planet; everyone else must be given an incentive. There are many ways a town can do this. (Examples include making recycling pick up free while garbage pick up is charged per bag. Or keep the $10.77/month fee for everything but only pick up garbage every other week while recycling gets picked up every week.) Towns have to find the right solution for their community without charging more.

The idea that recycling is forcing "personal ideologies onto everyone" is completely misinformed. For towns across America, it is a purely financial issue. Their biggest problem is getting people to recycle more so they 1. have a greater amount of a valuable raw material to sell 2. pay less landfill tipping fees.

Good luck to Spring Hill in developing a plan that works for both the community's pocketbook and the environment they will leave to their children.



Tennessee mayor refuses to sign recycling contract

I think I might have to pinch myself after reading this...    Just when you think all is lost, a Real Man steps up to say what no one will, and act like no one can - or has the stones to...   This mayor is stepping out and saying what needs to be said.   And he is 100% correct about 'gullible sheep'.    The town's citizens should be in praise of their mayor for not simply stooping to what amounts to just another $Tax in order to satiate the Beast of Environmentalism.    In fact, he is doing the diligence that escapes most kowed politicians - indeed, a favor to the citizens, by sending out the survey to assess the desire of the People, not just a corporate contract or a rubber stamp to the gods of enviro-fascism.   And in case it's lost on anybody, the mayor is following in the footsteps of our nation's Founding - that individual Liberty and Property are Supreme to fads and wishes of Mobocracy -

Anti-environmental troll

Why would someone such as yourself be reading a publication devoted to recycling?  It would seem that $3.58 is rather cheap for curbside recycling, though I suppose there could be provisions for those with economic hardship.  Sometimes the anti-tax dogma can be carried too far to the detriment of the community.  You need to vote for Romney/Ryan as I'm sure you will.

Tennessee mayor refuses to sign recycling contract

The mayor's vision is extremely short-sighted and the only people he is scoring a few bonus points with are those who are too lazy to recycle or simply don't care about the long-term damage to our environment.  Our materialistic society has created this "Beast of Environmentalism" and we need to get serious about it.  He's not going to be around in years to come when our grandchildren's children have to deal with the mess we've created.  If you're lucky enough to be in a community where recycling is a possibility then it should be mandatory - what we're doing to our environment is despicable.  "Individual Liberty" has its limits and we as a society have taken ours way too far with no consequence for our actions.  Buy one less hamburger a month and put those few bucks towards the recycling fee.  Who knows, maybe we'll lose a few pounds contributing towards a healthier society and gain a few more years of life for our landfills.