<i>Plastics Recycling 2013</i>: Diverting packaging from landfills

Plastics Recycling 2013: Diverting packaging from landfills

The types of packaging have exploded in the past few years, but what is the best way for recycling programs to deal with them?

The Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF), in partnership with the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and Stewardship Ontario, have undertaken an innovative study of the cost implications and alternatives to managing residential film and flexible plastic packaging. This critical study will explore future packaging trends, recycling system capital and operating costs and the end markets for this material stream, and is expected to provide a new foundation from which municipalities and stakeholders can further advance efforts to increase the recycling and diversion of flexible film plastics from the landfill.

Come get your facts straight from the source at the 2013 Plastics Recycling Conference, which will be held March 19-20 in New Orleans. For more information, visit www.plasticsrecycling.com.

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