Scotland looks to boost domestic recycling

Scotland looks to boost domestic recycling

By Editorial Staff, Resource Recycling

Scottish plastic recycling firms may be eligible for new loan funding and support.

Zero Waste Scotland and business organization Scottish Enterprise have jointly established a $4 million loan fund to support plastic sorting and processing facilities in Scotland. Specifically, the two groups hope to help create more plastic recycling businesses in the country, as well as develop sorting and recycling methods for rigid plastic containers, film, PVC building materials and other items. Backers of the loan program hope to divert 55,000 tons of plastic material from landfill by 2015.

Scotland generated over 551,000 tons of plastic waste in 2011, but recycled only a fifth of that volume domestically. The move is supported by the Scottish government, which has a goal of recycling 70 percent of all waste generated in the country by 2025.

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Plastic to Oil!!!!

Good Morning,

My name is Michael Ellis, and I live in St. Louis, Mo USA.  I provide equipment to process plastic back into oil.  The first unit in North America had it's start up a week ago.

Please open the link to the TV coverage of the start up, and look at the color of the oil collected.  Every ten pounds of plastic generates one gal. of oil.

Therre are over 70 other units in different parts of the world operating daily.      

I have a full presentation of all our products that I can send you.  The unit in the film is a B-240 and can process 65 gal. of oil a day.

Working with a large waste processor that wants to process 100T / day, to generate 20,000 gal. of oil a day.

I can not get the presentation to attach to this e-mail.  Please send me a e-mail and I will send the presentation later.

Thnaks for your time,

Michael Ellis


Technical Sales Consultant

3315 Post View Drive

O' Fallon, Mo 63368

Cell  314-971-0793

Fax   636-561-6402