California to get new recycling laws in 2012

California to get new recycling laws in 2012

By Henry Leineweber, Resource Recycling

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed several bills into law, expanding recycling in the Golden State.

AB 1149 extends the sunset date for the Plastic Market Development program. Instead of expiring on the first of the new year, the end-date for the program is now 2017. The bill authorizes CalRecycle to invest up to 50 percent of the savings from an expected drop in PET processing fee offsets in the program – estimated to be $10 million per year. Funds would then be redistributed in the form of grants and payments to develop plastics recycling in the state.

AB 341 brings recycling services to multi-family housing units and business spaces, in addition to expanding the state's diversion target to 75 percent by 2020.

AB 712 cracks down on local jurisdictions' land-use ordinances that potentially prevent certified beverage container recycling centers from opening or operating at supermarkets. The bill would prevent CalRecycle from making any payments, grants or loans to local governments that adopt the restrictive policies. It goes into effect January 1.

SB 567 expands biodegradable claim labeling standards from plastic bags and food packaging to all plastic products. In order to claim biodegradability, plastic products will now need to meet appropriate ASTM standards.

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