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Our top stories from January 2018

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CRT management concerns and the latest details on an e-scrap export tracking project both drew the interest of readers last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in January in terms of unique page views.

1 | BAN alleges additional companies involved in exports
Basel Action Network, which has been using GPS trackers to follow used electronics, today named six companies it says were involved in shipping scrap printers and LCD monitors to Asia.

2 | Processors respond to BAN’s latest tracking report
Four e-scrap companies have issued statements after being tagged by the Basel Action Network for allegedly exporting scrap printers and LCD monitors.

3 | CRT-to-concrete outlet suspends glass acceptance
A new waste management plan in the Netherlands has forced Jansen Recycling, a Dutch outlet for U.S. CRT glass, to discontinue accepting material from its suppliers.

4 | Lawsuit seeks to suspend iPhone battery recycling
Attorneys have asked a federal judge to temporarily halt Apple’s iPhone battery recycling program, claiming the company could be destroying critical evidence in a lawsuit.

5 | Iowa attorney general sues CRT outlet over stockpiles
State officials are suing an Iowa electronics recycling operation accused of stockpiling and improperly managing millions of pounds of CRTs.


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