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Our top stories from October 2017

Readers last month were drawn to stories covering the various market and program impacts of China’s import restrictions.

The list below shows our top stories published in October in terms of unique page views.

1 | Local programs feel the ‘dire’ effects of China’s ban
China’s import policy changes are forcing U.S. recycling companies to seek adjustments to municipal contracts, stockpile materials and even landfill recyclables.

2 | Chinese actions tank US OCC prices
The U.S. OCC market recently plummeted as China substantially slows its recovered material imports. Inside China, the lack of import capability has driven domestic OCC prices sky high.

3 | Companies push for quality as Chinese demand evaporates
MRF operators are increasing their labor forces and installing additional sorting equipment in response to Chinese restrictions on scrap imports. At the same time, a standard ton of single-stream recyclables in the U.S. has dropped in value by roughly 50 percent in recent weeks.

4 | How one recycling company is weathering the storm
For Sonoco Recycling, which collects, sorts, and sells recycled materials, China’s imports restrictions have particularly stung in one area: mixed-paper bales.

5 | US government takes interest in China’s imports ban
Government officials have confirmed they are monitoring China’s import policy changes and are joining industry associations in seeking clarification from Chinese authorities.


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