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Joint PS recycling project shutting down in Oregon

The Agilyx facility in Tigard, Ore.

Agilyx and Americas Styrenics’ 50-50 joint PS recycling venture is closing down. | Courtesy of Agilyx

Agilyx and Americas Styrenics decided to close their joint venture in PS recycling, Regenyx, after five years and 6 million pounds processed. 

The 50-50 joint venture started in 2019 and had a five-year agreement. A press release noted that the companies decided to wind down the project after “successfully achieving the objectives defined in its five year formation agreement.”

Regenyx, located in Tigard, Oregon, depolymerized post-use polystyrene for sale under AmSty’s PolyRenew label. The press release noted that the plant will cease operations by April 30, 2024. 

The project had provided drop-off recycling for residents of nearby Portland, Oregon. It was built prior to the joint venture. Agilyx could not be immediately reached to clarify if the entire plant was closing, or just the joint venture portion of the project. 

Tim Barnette, AmSty vice president of polymers and sustainability, said in the press release that “because of Regenyx, the new circular plastics economy now has a place for polystyrene, and this essential material that improves people’s lives has even more potential for growth.” 

“AmSty is proud to have been part of this long-term project that proves advanced recycling of polystyrene is not only feasible, it is the future,” he added. 

Russ Main, interim CEO of Agilyx, said the project “opened the door for Agilyx to progress additional commercial projects, such as the Toyo Styrene plant in Japan which is nearing completion of commissioning.”

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