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ABS recycling facility pilot planned for Montreal

ABS is used in many electronics applications, such as the keys on a computer keyboard. | Ph.wittaya/Shutterstock

Montreal-based Polystyvert will build a pilot-scale ABS recycling facility as part of a push to adapt its polystyrene technology to other plastics. 

The $2.3 million ABS pilot plant will be located at the company’s existing research and development center in east Montreal and will be financially supported by a “renowned global partner,” a press release noted.

Nathalie Morin, Polystyvert president, said the company’s research and development team “has made considerable progress in adapting the technology to a type of plastic that is widely used in numerous applications in our daily lives.” 

Polystyvert also announced it will build a commercial scale polystyrene recycling facility in Montreal after successful pilot projects. 

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