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Refurbishers pitch in with coronavirus efforts

Donated iPads will help health care workers, patients and families stay connected. | Andrei_R/Shutterstock

Processors across the country are donating refurbished electronics to aid in the COVID-19 response. Companies are providing devices to hospitals, first responders, students and others.

Tech Defenders: Grand Rapids, Mich. processor Tech Defenders worked with a local school district to donate iPads and masks to Zeeland Community Hospital. Tech Defenders helped facilitate the delivery of 100 iPads for use by patients. “Since the order to restrict visitors in hospital rooms was announced, patients are facing their health battle alone, which can be very isolating,” the refurbishment company stated in a release. “The iPad technology will allow patients to have virtual visitors, and engage with their family in a safe digital environment.” Meanwhile, the organizations are donating thousands of face masks to health care workers at the hospital.

Phobio: In a similar move, Atlanta-based Phobio donated 151 iPads to Stony Brook University Hospital in Stony Brook, N.Y. In a release, Phobio stated the goal is to help health care workers safely communicate with patients using virtual tools. The donation allowed the hospital to give iPads to patients who don’t have their own mobile devices, according to the release, as well as expand its Inpatient Telehealth services. Hospital workers are also using the devices to communicate with families of intubated patients and show the level of care they’re receiving.

ZJW Inc.: Pomona, Calif.-based ZJW Inc. facilitated the donation of 2,000 face masks to local organizations near its headquarters, according to Mike Bynum, general manager of the refurbishment company. Masks were sent to the Goodwill headquarters in Pomona, Pomona Valley Hospital, Pomona Police Department and a local Los Angeles County Fire Department station.

Cascade Asset Management: Wisconsin ITAD firm Cascade Asset Management recently donated refurbished computer equipment to families in need, as well as directly to students who have moved to remote learning platforms. Cascade partnered with the Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition to prepare and donate 74 iPads for use by Milwaukee Public Schools families, according to Cascade’s newsletter. The company also fulfilled a donation of 150 laptops organized by one of its clients. Those laptops went to a girls coding group that is switching to a remote learning program as a result of COVID-19. “The demand for donations of computer equipment is greater than ever,” Cascade stated in the announcement.

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