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Investors drawn to ‘recession-resilient’ waste sector

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A recent investment report gathered insights from WM, GFL and other haulers. | Create Jobs 51/Shutterstock

Regulations, customer demand and technology are driving corporate sustainability interest, which in turn will likely bring investment dollars into the sector, according to a recent investment report that interviewed major North American recycling firms.

Brown, Gibbons, Lang & Company this month published a report examining how and why the corporate sector is taking a greater interest in sustainability measures. The broadly focused report includes takeaways from interviews with executives at WM and GFL, two of the largest haulers in North America. It also includes insights from smaller specialized waste management firms.

The report identifies a handful of tailwinds for the materials recovery sector, including an increase in regulations requiring corporate sustainability action and reporting, customer demand for sustainable products and company practices, technology opening new doors in the recycling industry and an emerging shift in corporate thinking to frame sustainability as an opportunity, rather than a risk.

These points, as well as the inherently “essential” nature of waste management, make the industry ripe for investment, the report states.

“Investors are attracted to the market’s stable demand, viewing waste as an essential service and therefore more recession-resilient and a safe haven for long-term growth,” the report states. “The favorable regulatory climate, governmental funding tailwinds and sustainability imperative provide a foundation for defensible growth.”

The full report is available free of charge from the research firm’s website.

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