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Closed Loop acquires Midwest Fiber Recycling

The acquisition brings five more MRFs into the Balcones Recycling arm of Circular Services. | Courtesy of Closed Loop Partners

Circular Services, the operating group of Closed Loop Partners, acquired Midwest Fiber Recycling for an undisclosed amount. 

The company, which has facilities in Illinois and Indiana, will be housed under Circular Services’ recycling arm, Balcones Recycling. 

“This marks Circular Services’ expansion into the Midwest of the U.S., to support existing recycling infrastructure and services in the region and increase the recovery of valuable materials into domestic supply chains,” a press release noted. 

Midwest Fiber provides residential single-stream and commercial collection, and also has document destruction and recycling services and a recycled material brokerage arm. Its current management team will continue to run the company, the press release noted, partnering with the Circular Services team. 

Mike Shumaker, CEO of Midwest Fiber Recycling, said that the “singular focus of Circular Services and Balcones Recycling on advancing robust circular materials management, as well as their long-standing experience operating recycling infrastructure, made them a great fit.” 

With the acquisition, Balcones Recycling will operate 18 MRFs across the U.S., including five from Midwest Fiber.

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