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Recycling organization provides carts to Midwest city

Dow donated 1.2 million pounds of resin to be used in the 65-gallon carts. | Courtesy of The Recycling Partnership

Kansas City, Mo. will receive 162,000 carts from The Recycling Partnership, marking the group’s second-largest cart grant to date.

The project is part of a $1.5 million public-private partnership between The Recycling Partnership, the American Beverage Association, the Missouri Beverage Association, Dow and others, a press release noted. 

The city on May 1 began the transition from an opt-in system that required residents to buy their own 32-gallon bins to a program in which the city provides 65-gallon carts. All carts should be delivered by August. 

The press release called the move “the culmination of nearly five years of planning and one of the nation’s largest public-private collaborations to advance a community’s recycling program.”

Dow donated 1.2 million pounds of the plastic resin to produce the recycling carts, The Recycling Partnership (TRP) provided technical support and the American Beverage Association and Missouri Beverage Association helped fund the endeavor. 

Cody Marshall, chief system optimization officer at TRP, said public-private partnerships are critical for improving city infrastructure, especially in large communities. 

“The mixture of grants, investment and donation of plastic resin is key to making the project possible,” he added. “This is The Recycling Partnership’s largest cart grant project in the Midwest and the second largest cart grant to date.” 

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