Resource Recycling News

News from BHS, ReFED and more

Lawmakers in Alberta introduced the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Amendment Act, which would develop an extended producer responsibility program for printed paper and packaging.

Recycling and waste software company AMCS acquired Dossier Systems, a cloud-based fleet maintenance management software provider. 

Equipment supplier BHS announced it has developed the Max-AI AQC-Flex, a robot that is capable of removing durable compostable plastic bags from the sorting line.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched the third year of NextCycle Colorado, a program to build recycling markets.

Plastics producer Covestro and the University of Pittsburgh announced they will develop a  graduate-level “circular design” academic program at the university.

Food waste nonprofit ReFED published its 2022 Food Waste Forecast.

Boulder, Colo.-based Western Disposal opened its Materials Management Center, which features a C&D debris sorting line, equipment to separate OCC from trash loads, and public drop-off for hard-to-recycle items.

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