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Our top stories from October 2021

Soup cartons for recycling.

A look into food and beverage carton recycling in Massachusetts was of interest to readers last month. | Velour Noire / Shutterstock

Readers last month were drawn to articles about carton difficulties in Massachusetts, recyclability labeling policies, market pricing and more.

The list below shows our top stories published in October in terms of unique page views.

1 | Why carton recycling has stalled in one state
MRFs in Massachusetts told state officials that processing food and beverage cartons is often not economically viable, and a number of large municipalities have removed the material from curbside programs.

2 | Recycling labeling debate primed to heat up nationally
As California regulators gear up to write statewide guidelines for which products are “recyclable,” analysts say the process – spurred by recent legislation – will have national impacts.

3 | Aluminum prices rise, but market cools for other recyclables
The national average price of UBCs increased by 5% over the past month, but prices for PET and natural HDPE bales dropped 11% and 4%, respectively.

4 | WM details shifts in recycling stream and end markets
A report from Waste Management describes how the pandemic shifted the composition of the curbside stream from paper to plastic last year. The document also provides insights into the company’s domestic market expectations and recycling investments.

5 | Report examines how to boost recycling markets in Texas
A comprehensive look at the Lone Star State’s recycling system identified several strategies governments can use to bolster recycling market development in their jurisdictions, including recycled-content mandates and public procurement policies.


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