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Our top stories from July 2021

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News of a lawsuit against TerraCycle and brand owners was of interest to readers in July. | photo_gonzo / Shutterstock

Our coverage of a TerraCycle lawsuit grabbed lots of reader attention last month. Stories on Maine’s EPR law and a new Pratt paper mill were popular as well.

The list below shows our top stories published in July in terms of unique page views.

1 | TerraCycle and brands sued over recycling claims
A nonprofit environmental organization is suing TerraCycle and several major brands, saying the companies are misleading consumers about the recyclability of their products through mail-in collection programs. TerraCycle’s CEO discussed the company’s labeling in an interview.

2 | Nation’s first packaging EPR bill is signed into law
The governor of Maine has signed legislation establishing extended producer responsibility for packaging materials in the state. It’s the first bill of its kind to become law in the U.S.

3 | OCC price increases $20 per ton over the last month
Sellers of recyclable materials have continued to enjoy strong markets, with virtually all grades of curbside fiber, plastics and metals seeing value boosts from June to July.

4 | Pratt plans $400 million recycled paper mill in Kentucky
Pratt Industries and Kentucky state officials announced the company will build its sixth 100% recycled paper mill in the U.S. The project will break ground next year and is slated to start up in fall 2023.

5 | Experts provide 30 fixes for California recycling system
A government-convened commission of California recycling stakeholders has outlined steps to boost markets and cut contamination. But the group’s report also leaves PP plastic off a key initial list of accepted materials, drawing quick pushback from national associations.


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