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Our top stories from June 2021

Baled OCC stacked for recycling.

Recovered fiber pricing news was of interest to readers in June. | BAO Images Bildaentur / Shutterstock

Articles covering market dynamics, packaging stewardship policies and an emerging material stream drew reader attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in June in terms of unique page views.

1 | Paper mills foresee higher OCC prices this year
Major recovered paper end users anticipate paying more for feedstock as 2021 progresses, according to recent statements from company executives. Mill operators also shared updates on their recycled fiber capacity expansions.

2 | How the recycling industry is preparing to tackle solar panels
In some ways, solar panels present some of the same recycling challenges as old TVs. They carry a high cost to recycle properly, have limited commodity value and contain hazardous metals. At the same time, relatively few downstream processors recycle them, and markets are working against reuse.

3 | Maine lawmakers approve first-in-nation packaging EPR bill
Legislation creating an extended producer responsibility program for packaging has cleared both the Maine House of Representatives and Senate. It’s the first such bill in the U.S. to make it that far in the legislative process, and it now goes to the state’s governor for a signature.

4 | Curbside bale values continue to shoot up
Prices for curbside recyclables have surged across the board, with OCC and mixed paper values increasing sharply and natural HDPE crossing the $1 threshold for the first time.

5 | Largest Canadian province to roll out full EPR
The Ontario government will make producers fully financially responsible for recycling their products, a major expansion of the province’s extended producer responsibility system. The changes will come into effect within the next four years.


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